Why Schools Must Incorporate More Arts Learning Seguir o Blog!
09/05/2016. MATTHEW LYNCH
Research has indicated that arts inclusion increases science and math comprehension. It has been documented that students not only enhance their creativity but also their linguistic skills and self-confidence when exposed to the arts. Schools all across the country are incorporating more art education into all subjects to aid students in becoming well rounded learners. Since traditional "art" classes are some of the first to take a hit when budgets are slashed, every other subject area can benefit from finding ways to create learning opportunities using visual, performing, and written arts. Though the arts nurture thinking skills and innovation, current legislation doesn't reflect the importance of incorporating the arts in education. With the No Child Left Behind law signed in 2002, focus was placed primarily on annual testing, which lead to a decline in academic extras, such as art education. Another law known as the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) initiative, furthered this focus in those particular subject areas. [ ... ]
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